La Caumette L’Authentique Red Table Wine

This is by far the most mysterious French wine we’ve ever tasted. It’s non-vintage. The producer is La Caumette, with an address in western Languedoc. But there is no indication of grape varietal or origin. If the wine were any good, it might be worth trying to solve some of these mysteries. Alas, it is not. There’s actually quite a bit going on in the nose: some raspberry, a little spice box, and even some eucalyptus. Unfortunately, these aromas had to be teased out of much worse smells; namely, sweaty shoes, petroleum, and bathroom disinfectant. And the taste? Artificial sour cherry was the best we could muster.

  • J

    You obviously don’t know what the hell you’re talking about with this wine. If you can find it, buy it, and I’ll buy it back from you for double the price plus the shipping. You could be a wine snob and you may think you know your wine, but in fact if you decant it it is actually rather pleasant. For under five dollars this is a steal for those of us that cannot afford the $35-$75 a bottle of the better stuff. I’d in fact put it up against higher priced wines, in fact did on a blind with some guests and they freakin’ loved it. I think this beats 65% of the wines out there under $20.

    • J

      Sour cherry is rather an affinity for those of us that are Deutch, and/or from PA (Dutch), VA, DC and surrounding areas.

      • The Value Vine editors

        Hello J,
        We appreciate your input. There is a real Deutsch (with “s”) amongst us, and he didn’t like the wine. However, there is no doubt that other people might like it.

  • Tony

    I tried this wine last nite with sea food soup ( fish, clams, and mussles with tomato sauce) and home made garlic bread; and it was good.
    I think one reason this wine was good to my palette is because of %12.5 alcohol which I like with my meal.
    I will buy this wine again.

  • Ruth Luedtke

    Had several wines with friends last night starting with a St. Supery Cabernet Franc and a South African red wine and then had the La Authentique, not remembering where it came from or how much we paid. My guests and I thoroughly enjoyed this wine and expected it to be pricey, but I had to find out where to buy more, and I’m pleased to know that it is Trader Joe’s. Cheers!

  • Sharon

    Just picked up a bottle of L’Authentique at TJs and love it! No, it’s not a $30 bottle of good cab, but it has a nice taste, light, somewhat fruity, but not too thin. I’ve been drinking good, dry reds for about 10 years and have developed a taste for good wine, petite syrah and cab are favorites. I’ve outgrown TJs 2 Buck Chuck but really enjoyed the L’Authentique and will buy a case of the mysterious wine for everyday drinking.

  • Frank Haynes

    I think the wine is not too bad. The review above is snobby and ridiculous.