Santa Barbara Landing Chenin Blanc

The nose offers very little beyond some nutty oak. On the tongue, there’s an absence of fruit, but plenty of sweetness. Nothing on the bottle indicates residual sugar, which makes some sense, actually, as the sugar tastes like an additive, rather than a residual element of ripe fruit. This is, by the way, yet another offering from the Bronco Wine Company, producer of the infamous Two-Buck Chuck.

  • Cynthia

    This is one of my favorite value wines. I disagree with the statement that “the sugar tastes like an additive”. Since grapes grown in Napa Valley don’t need chaptalization (which incidentally, is illegal in California), I doubt sugar is added as the author(s) implied.

  • Barbara

    I love this wine but it has been discontinued at Trader Joe’s. Where do I find it now?