Chariot Gypsy Red Wine

The Chariot Gypsy has generated much excitement in previous vintages. Having never tasted the earlier releases, we approached this one with an open mind. The nose is fruity and sweet, with some strawberry, vanilla, and even a little citrus. There’s something soapy, as well. The clean fruitiness follows through to the palate, which is devoid of tannins and slightly acidic. This is not a wine that will knock your socks off; it is not a $50 wine that you can pick up for a tenth the cost (both claims we have seen for previous vintages). It is, however, a good $5 wine.

  • Becky Boeschen

    I used to live in Chicago, IL where Trader Joe’s were very accessable. We love this wine, infact we bought many bottles at one time as all our friends loved it as much a we did. Now I live in Fort Myers, FL and would love to be able to “stock up” on this great wine! Where can I buy it? Anywhere in Fort Myers??????
    We just finished our last bottle 🙁