Who We Are

We are three wine enthusiasts who bring a collective thirty years of drinking experience from around the world. This site represents our quest to find interesting and high-quality wines at $10 or less. There are a lot of wines at this price point; many of them are plonk, many more are merely drinkable, and only a few of them are of any interest to enthusiasts.

Not surprisingly, wines at this price point are all but ignored by the mainstream wine media. This site is intended, in part, to address that critical neglect. We hope this site is useful for beginners and experts alike. It should be of particular benefit to those who generally spend more (even much more) on wine, but have a particular occasion to select a less expensive bottle that is, nonetheless, enjoyable.

Though we expect this site to evolve over time, our initial focus is on wines sold at Trader Joe’s in the Southern California region. We have chosen this narrow scope for three reasons. First, this is where we live. Second, TJ’s sells a lot of wine, and a lot of it is less than $10. Third, much of this wine is exclusive to Trader Joe’s, with almost no independent guidance to be found anywhere in print or online.

All wine reviewed on this site is purchased by us, at retail. Our rating methodology is described here.

Contact us at [email protected]