Rating Methodology

Any rating system for wine is fraught with risk. One of the most popular, which rates wines on a 100-point scale, gives a false sense of precision. Can anyone really distinguish between a 73-point and a 75-point wine?

If a 100-point scale assumes the entire universe of wine, where 100 points represents the very best wine ever produced, using such a system for value-priced wines will be of limited utility.

Consequently, we have developed a simple star rating system that, when combined with our narrative review, should provide sufficient guidance. Here’s the methodology:

no stars No stars = not worth buying

one star One star = worth buying (a drinkable wine at a fair price)

two stars Two stars = worth buying and a good value (you would typically pay more for a wine of this quality)

three stars Three stars = worth buying and a great value (you would typically pay much more for a wine of this quality)