Fratelli d’Italia Chianti

The nose of this wine is smoky, musty, and gamey; the palate is acidic and dry, overwhelming the subtle berry fruit. Skip it.

Bruno Porro San Luigi Dolcetto di Dogliani

The nose initially smells a bit like corn, with hints of candied fruit and a bit of dirt. The wine itself is tart on the introduction to the palate, finishing with strong tannins and a lack of distinguishable fruit.  Although this wine is drinkable, there are much better options at this price point.

Domain Guy Mousset Cuvee Reservee Rose

This rose has a lovely salmon hue; however, it offers little beyond the pleasing color. The nose offers hints of strawberry shortcake and minerality, but the palate is rather fruitless, and for $8.99 we certainly expect more. Though not a horrible wine, there are better options at this price.

Tres Pinos Three Pines Cuvee

This white wine from San Luis Obispo is composed of Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay, and Viognier.  The nose offers hints of peach and pear, but the fruit is easily overwhelmed by petroleum. We found the palate to be flabby and unimpressive.

Brancott Sauvingon Blanc

Although, we are usually fans of Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand, this particular bottle is an exception. The nose is pungent grass, vinegar and vegetable, with unidentifiable and equally unpersuasive fruit lurking in the background. If you are still skeptical about this wines flavor potential, be forewarned, it is pure pickle juice on the palate. When warmer weather beckons for a refreshing white, skip Brancott and turn to this previously reviewed wine.