Trader Joe’s Coastal Zinfandel

An unpleasant seafood nose, with an odd chemical taste. This wine’s flaws are strangely similar to the TJ’s Coastal Syrah reviewed yesterday. This Zinfandel isn’t quite as bad, but that’s not really saying much.

Trader Joe’s Coastal Syrah

A dirty, foxy, grapey nose is followed by a chemical and vegetable-water taste. Something went wrong here.

Mission Point Pinot Noir

Previous vintages of this wine have been well received by bargain-hunting Pinot fans. The Value Vine found those earlier efforts a bit cloying, but certainly fair for the price. Not so with this 2007. The atypically dark color of the wine suggests a blend of some sort. The nose reveals a V8-inspired blend of tomato, pickle, and black olive. The taste suggests some residual sugar in addition to the aforementioned vegetable character. This is surprisingly bad, and one to avoid at any price.