Artazuri Garnacha

With a nose that made one of us think of decaying wood on a forest floor, an acidic palate, and a bold sour cherry flavor, this Spanish Garnacha might be a little tough to appreciate, especially compared to the Borsao Garnacha we reviewed last week. But those who like their wines a little earthy—maybe even a little wild—will find much to appreciate here. Though at the top of our price range, the Artazuri earns three stars.

Borsao Garnacha

Until now, the 2009 vintage of this wine was, at $5.99, the least expensive wine to receive a three-star rating from us. Despite inflation in nearly every other consumer sector over the last year, the 2010 vintage of the Borsao still sells for $5.99. And, we are pleased to report, it is every bit the bargain that the 2009 was. (more…)

Borsao Garnacha

The nose offers up massive amounts of bright fruit—strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. The fruit continues on the palate, followed by a floral finish. Though definitely in the New World style, it seems to be unoaked. A great value, and worth seeking out.

Marques De Montanana

The nose of this $5 Spanish Garnacha is slightly oxidized, with no discernable fruit or other qualities. Unpleasant, and not worth buying.