Leonhardt Dry Creek Valley Reserve Zinfandel

The 2007 vintage received two stars, so we had high expectations for the 2008.  Thankfully, Leonhardt did not disappoint. The bouquet is redolent of dried fruit, namely plum and raspberry.  Nicely balanced, with lingering tannins, the palate offers hints of cocoa, licorice, and a healthy dose of fruit.  Although both vintages are great values for the price, if pressed, we’d recommend the 2008.

Trader Joe’s Coastal Zinfandel

An unpleasant seafood nose, with an odd chemical taste. This wine’s flaws are strangely similar to the TJ’s Coastal Syrah reviewed yesterday. This Zinfandel isn’t quite as bad, but that’s not really saying much.

Bogle “Old Vine” Zinfandel

There’s a nose of vanilla and dried dark fruit. The taste is old, dusty, and stale, with a chalky texture. This is a rare miss from a usually reliable brand. For the same price, you’d be better off with the 2007 Leonhardt Zinfandel we reviewed yesterday.

Leonhardt Dry Creek Valley Reserve Zinfandel

The nose offers very ripe fruit, mushroom, and a bit of yeast. Very fruity, not obviously oaked, and with soft—but lingering—tannins.